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Memory leaks symptoms & causes in Service Fabric reliable services

Mem­ory leaks are hard to de­tect and can cause se­ri­ous prob­lems. While a sin­gle job task run­n­ing for few sec­onds doesn’t have to care about them, the ser­vice run­n­ing 24 hours a day must be care­fully tuned to suc­cess­fully ful­fill its job. More­over, mem­ory leaks don’t have to be de­tected straight away, they usu­ally ap­pear as an­other ex­cep­tion point­ing you to find­ing prob­lems in dif­fer­ent area. Let’s look at one ex­am­ple of a mem­ory leak and how it shown up. Read more ›

service fabric

Keep your service running forever by designing an instant shutdown

Over a year of de­sign­ing and mov­ing sev­eral ser­vices from Azure Cloud Ser­vice to Ser­vice Fab­ric taught me few things which are im­por­tant to keep in mind dur­ing cre­at­ing or refac­tor­ing mi­croser­vices hosted in Ser­vice Fab­ric en­vi­ron­ment. Don’t for­get that Ser­vice Fab­ric pat­terns are tight to .NET, which has gone throw a mas­sive paradigm shift. You must be up-to-date at least with asyn­chronous pro­gram­ming to be able to code solid ser­vices. Read more ›


Edge bude dostupný i pro iOS a Android

We­bový proh­lížeč Mi­crosoft Edge se rozšíří z Win­dows na další op­er­ační sys­témy – iOS od Ap­plu a An­droid od Googlu. Od ukončení vývoje Win­dows Mo­bile totiž Edge nedá­val smysl ani na PC, pro­tože chy­běla syn­chro­nizace záložek, oblíbených položek a he­sel s mo­bil­ním tele­fonem. Mi­crosoft proto rozšiřuje uži­va­tel­skou pod­poru na ostatní mo­bilní op­er­ační sys­témy. Edge je na nich čistě jen věcí uži­va­tel­ského rozhraní, ne­jedná se o port Edge­HTML a Di­rectX. Celý článek ›

service fabric

Health monitoring of the Service Fabric app upgrade

De­ploy­ing an up­date of any ap­pli­ca­tion can be risky, be­cause new code may con­tain new bugs. Unit test­ing is an ad­vis­able method of re­duc­ing the risk. How­ever, some mech­a­nisms de­pend on work­load. Some work­loads can be sim­u­lated eas­ier than others. Ser­vice Fab­ric pro­vides health mon­i­tor­ing af­ter the new ap­pli­ca­tion ver­sion is de­ployed to the clus­ter. If the new ver­sion is not healthy the old ver­sion is rolled back au­to­mat­i­cally. Set­t­ing up the pro­tec­tion against fail­ures caused by up­grades is rel­a­tively easy. Read more ›

service fabric

How to secure Service Fabric cluster with an X.509 certificate

You prob­a­bly no­ticed that Ser­vice Fab­ric Ex­plorer is publicly ac­ces­si­ble and does not re­quire any user­name or pass­word. Ser­vice Fab­ric Ex­plorer al­lows mon­i­tor­ing and man­age­ment ac­tions like dis­abling nodes or ap­pli­ca­tion dele­tion. The clus­ter and its man­age­ment can be eas­ily se­cured with an X.509 self-signed cer­tifi­cate. Af­ter that the cer­tifi­cate is re­quired prior to ac­cess Ser­vice Fab­ric Ex­plorer or pub­lish­ing ap­pli­ca­tions to the clus­ter. Read more ›

service fabric

Azure Service Fabric & Scheduled Tasks

Sched­uled tasks have many names. In Win­dows, it is tra­di­tion­ally called Task Sched­uler. In Unix-like en­vi­ron­ments job sched­uler is called Cron dae­mon. Mi­crosoft Azure con­tains Azure Sched­uler and Azure Web Apps have We­b­Jobs. Ser­vice Fab­ric has its own mech­a­nism called Ac­tor Remin­der. This ar­ti­cle ex­plains how to im­ple­ment them. Mul­ti­ple jobs could be encap­su­lated in a sin­gle as­sem­bly. Read more ›


New features in Microsoft Edge 15.15063 for developers

Win­dows 10 Cre­ators Up­date con­tains a sta­ble re­lease of Edge­HTML 15. It al­lows de­vel­op­ers to pro­cess a pay­ment via Mi­crosoft Wal­let. Con­tent Se­cu­rity Pol­icy Level 2 sup­ports sev­eral new di­rec­tives. The Brotli com­pres­sion for­mat is now sup­ported and is more ef­fec­tive than gzip. The TCP con­nec­tion can be re­opened faster. The lat­est ver­sion also in­tro­duces an ex­per­i­men­tal im­ple­men­ta­tion of We­bAssem­bly. Read more ›

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Dneškem končí rozšířená podpora Windows Vista

Win­dows Vista je op­er­ační sys­tém, který si důvěru kon­cových uži­vatelů příliš nezískal. Win­dows Vista však od­s­tar­to­val zásadní změny k lepšímu. Tech­nolo­gie, které byly součástí vývoje Win­dows Vista, jsou dnes zák­ladní stavební ka­meny, bez kterých by vývoj pro plat­formu Win­dows nebyl tím, čím je dnes. Celý článek ›


Important hotfix for Windows 10 SDK 10.0.15063

When you up­grade Win­dows 10 to ver­sion 1703 build 15063.13, you can also up­date Vi­sual Stu­dio to 2017 ver­sion 15.1 and in­stall Win­dows SDK 10.0.15063. How­ever, the lat­est bits are not enough and you must ap­ply one hot­fix to keep the abil­ity of cre­at­ing ap­pli­ca­tion pack­ages which are uploaded to Win­dows Dev Cen­ter. Read more ›

service fabric

Service Fabric cluster endpoints & Azure load balancer

Reach­ing ex­ter­nal re­sources from a Ser­vice Fab­ric clus­ter is triv­ial whereas reach­ing the clus­ter from the in­ter­net re­quires some con­fig­u­ra­tion. The vir­tual ma­chine scale set, ser­vice end­point and load bal­ancer comes into play. On the first sight, it could be seen as a com­pli­cated as do­ing a puz­zle, but un­der­s­tand­ing of mech­a­nisms un­der the hood helps to re­al­ize that whole pro­cesses is easy. Read more ›


Public folders suddenly discontinued in personal OneDrive

The con­tent stored in the OneDrive file-host­ing ser­vice can be ac­cessed through a web browser, ap­pli­ca­tion or HTTP API. Access to files in fold­ers shared publicly with ev­ery­one wasn’t re­stricted to au­then­ti­cated re­quests only. With dep­re­ca­tion of public fold­ers dis­ap­pears also the abil­ity of an easy ac­cess to OneDrive fold­ers. I found the trick how to keep the cur­rent code with min­i­mal changes while keeping up-to-date with pro­ce­dures re­quired by the lat­est ver­sion of the ser­vice. Read more ›


Česká klávesnice pro macOS i pro Windows vhodná k programování

Každé ro­zložení kláves­nice mi při­jde vysloveně nevhodné. Buď pro pro­gramování, nebo pro psaní českého textu. Tvr­došíjně se od­mítám přizpů­so­bit tech­nice a trvám na tom, aby se tech­nika přizpů­so­bila mně. Samozře­jmě vyžaduji to­tožné rozložení kláves nezávisle na tom, jestli je kláves­nice připo­jená k počí­tači s Win­dows nebo s ma­cOS. Nemohlo to dopad­nou ji­nak než vytvořením vlast­ního ro­zložení kláves pro oba zmíněné op­er­ační sys­témy. Celý článek ›